China high quality Nylon Ring Gear Coupling (Bowex type) coupling chemistry

Solution Description

Nylon Sleeve Equipment Coupling:
Curved-tooth Coupling / Coupling BoWex
 Ubet Nylon Sleeve Couplings flexible shaft connections for a constructive torque transmission and especially suitable to compensate for axial,  radial and angular shaft misalignment.
Ubet Nylon Sleeve Couplings are compact and need no lubrication.  They are adapted to a lot of purposes including vertical and blind installations. They work above a wide variety of temperature at pace up to 5,000 RPM.  This sort of coupling is extensively utilised in application such as Motor, Generator and Pump etc.
l  Nylon-steel blended, maintenance free
l  Payment for axial, radial and angular misalignment
l  Convenient axial plugging assembly
l  With no bolts, pins, flanges to affect harmony or safety
l  No necessity of lubrication
l  Outstanding electrical insulation
l  Can be vertically or horizontally assembled
l  Tolerance of concluded bore in equipment with ISOH7

l  tem No. l  Product No. l  Finished bore variety l  Outside Diameter l  Nominal Torque Nm
l  UTNL-14 l  UTNL-14-L l  6-14 l  40 l  10
l  UTNL-19 l  UTNL-19-L l  8-19 l  forty eight l  16
l  UTNL-24 l  UTNL-24-L l  ten-24 l  fifty two l  20
l  UTNL-28 l  UTNL-28-L l  10-28 l  66 l  45
l  UTNL-32 l  UTNL-32-L l  twelve-32 l  seventy six l  60
l  UTNL-38 l  UTNL-38-L l  fourteen-38 l  eighty three l  eighty
l  UTNL-42 l  UTNL-42-L l  20-forty two l  95 l  a hundred
l  UTNL-48 l  UTNL-48-L l  20-forty eight l  114 l  one hundred forty
l  UTNL-55 l  UTNL-fifty five-L l  25-55 l  132 l  240
l  UTNL-sixty five l  UTNL-sixty five-L l  twenty five-65 l  175 l  380

Standard Or Nonstandard: Standard
Structure: Flexible
Material: Steel 1045, S45c, C45e
Type: Elastic Coupling
Bowex 19, 24, 28, 32: Black Oxidizing Steel S45c
Nylon Sleeve and Steel Conbined: No Requirement of Lubrication
US$ 5/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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